Warranty and service

Attention! Keep in mind before contacting us about warranties know that we are aware warranty scams that include requests to replace product with counterfeit cherubs without having device to exchange. Fraudulent claims will be reported to authorities, which would entail prosecution entire rigor law.


For whole range watches GOGPS ME installed warranty period operation-2 years.

Warranty period watch starts from moment purchase. Basis for warranty service is passport watch with completed warranty coupon indicating model watch, date sale, stamp or seal seller, or store. Model watch must correspond to specify in warranty coupon (passport).

Return or exchange hours from buyer under guarantee is set out in order warranty repair (maintenance) or warranty replacement technically complex household product, approved by Cabinet Ministers Ukraine from 11.04.2002 № 506.

Warranty does not apply:

If device is exposed to moisture, even if device in specification has degree protection against moisture.

for watch retirees by fault their owner due to violation operating instructions;

in case mechanical damage;

if watch has traces unauthorized opening or repair by unauthorized persons.

Replacement clock, watch, glass, belt, worn during operation hours, and periodical maintenance software and electronic filling in course preventive work are made for fee, according to applicable price List.


Watch is damaged due to irregularities or failure to comply with operating instructions and rules use individual mechanisms. This applies to restrictions on operation watches in conditions for which this model is not intended: bathing, swimming, diving, sauna and other conditions, due to which it is possible partial, complete, short-term or final unsealing body and getting inside clock water, dust, dirt or other substances

Watch is damaged by buyer's fault due to significant shock (vibration) loads, mechanical damages resulting from careless handling (dents, notches, detached crystals, absence or deformation watch work head watch, buttons, there are coarse scratches on bracelet, body and its elements, chipped) as well as in cases damage caused by ingress moisture, dust, dirt.

Natural wear and tear during operation and mechanical damage to glass, body, heads and buttons, belt (bracelet), watch fasteners (wear depends on degree and frequency friction watch on table, solid objects, leather and woolen products).

Watches that have faults, scratches, and other damage that are indicative unauthorized tampering and/or self-repair attempts.

Influence static electricity and magnetic field.

Traces exposure to high (more than + 50C) or low (below-20C) temperatures. It is forbidden to stay in sauna hours!

Damage to watch by water as result violation operating rules. Watch labeled IPX5/IPX6 is not suitable for diving. Watch can withstand static pressure water column. However, it should be borne in mind that dynamic pressure is thrown in movement watch in aquatic environment exceeds static pressure, which in turn entails ingress water at expense excessive pressure.

It is forbidden to press watch buttons and adjust time and date under water jets.

Damage caused by using low-quality battery.

Watch damage caused by product caustic chemicals and gases: household chemicals, cosmetics, cologne, cleaning solvents, adhesives, gasoline, mercury and vapors, paints, acids, alkali.

Form to transfer device to service center:

Download form.

Address for transferring devices to service center:

DNEPR, New Post Branch 63, recipient LLC "Go Ji Pi We Ukraine", Phone 0676341296