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5 most important reasons for purchasing.
GPS watch-phone
М01 for parents. This is an excellent stylish watch for adult generation. In such dynamic time we often leave relatives unattended and worry. 
1. With help this high-tech device elderly person pressing SOS button will inform native that something has happened, watch will start to call three pre-entered numbers in circle until someone picks up phone. 
2. With app GOGPS ME from your smartphone or PC you can watch on map online where elderly person is. If he lost his way home or God forbid suffers from Dementia Alzheimer you will always be able to find it thanks to GPS system. 
3. This is phone, parents constantly forget where put gift children's smartphone, they will never get dialed. Problem is solved, watch is always on hand with help one button only answer call and you are calm.
4. Pulse rate measurement function. It is important to quickly determine state body and decide on safety. Do not worry or call an ambulance or call your relatives.
5. Battery 450 Am is one best solution to date, this capacity battery will not worry at all that device shuts down in short time.

GOGPS ME M01 work as phone with GPS/LBS positioning function plus heart rate meter (pulsometer).

LCD screen brightly displays information at any angle! Excellent battery 500 Mah is excellent for up to 96 hours. 

GPS coordinate sensor transmits data to map every 10 minutes, but you can use simple command to find out location here and now.


You are always aware where your parent is, you see its location on map.

           Double-sided telephone communication.

You do not worry that your parent has no phone or he did not hear it, watch-phone is always on hand.

           Geo zones (optional)

You can set geographical zones for parent, you will be notified if it has entered or left zone.


You can call watch from number you have assigned and listen to parent's environment in microphone area, parent will not know about it.

           Playing location history

Projection and playback motion history animation and parent routes on electronic map for 13 months.

           Determine current location

Sending SMS commands to watch will allow you to get GPS coordinates parent instantly on phone.


Operating system MTK G
Language English
Size 46x36x16
Weight 40g
GPS monitoring Russian
Main chip MTK 6162
GPS MTK 2503
Number channels 20
GPS accuracy 5-15M
LBS accuracy 100--1000M
Battery type Li-Pol 3.7V
Battery, capacity 450 mAh
Display 1,22" LCD 128x32
G sensor Have
Speaker 8 OHM 0.5 W
Moisture resistance IP65
Microphone Built-in high precision
SIM Port micro SIM
Location GPS, AGPS, LBS, WPS
Port Micro USB Port*1
Buttons Power on/off/sos
Telephone communication Have
Geofences Have (option)
Hidden monitoring (wire) Have
Бесплатный пакет мониторинга Have
Monitoring environment Windows. Android, IOS


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